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We’re glad you made it to our english site. Our photobooth services are growing and we are proud to continuously grow our business within Germany and the european Union.

Our photobooth is based in Dortmund, Germany as well as in Landau, Germany. We’re about to expand to Berlin, Germany and Hamburg, Germany, but do not hesitate to contact us in case you’re planning an event supported by a photobooth in any other major city such as Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Bremen, Dresden, Leipzig or Hannover.

We’re supporting two types of photobooth in multiple flavors.

First, our classical photobooth, supported by a concierge. Our Concierge takes care on managing your event. He takes care on your guests as well as on the maintenance of the booth. During your event/roadshow/wedding the photobooth is being managed by the concierge. We take care on fulfillment, the journey and the photobooth setup. You just need to provide us a place, where we can setup the booth for you. The booth takes about 2meter x 1.25meter. As a hight we require approximately 2.2meter.

Second, our compact photobooth. You can build it in an open air flavor or as a closed booth. And you can chose if we just deliver it to you and pick it up later or if you’d like to have it serviced by a concierge. It’s completely up to you.

What we always do!

Before your photobooth party begins we are going to design a photobooth layout together with you.
During your photobooth event we are able to upload your photobooth pictures to your facebook site.
After your photobooth festivity we provide you a USB Stick with all photobooth pictures taken during your photobooth event.
In addition we are going to host your photobooth images on our photobooth website in a password secured manner for 6 month for free.
Optionally we provide you a set with accessoires for your guests.

Plus we are able to customize each booth up to your requirements. We can even repaint it in your corporate identity!

Ask us for a quote using our contact form or send us an e-mail to!

Rent a photobooth in Germany
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Rent a photobooth in Germany
Our photobooth service provides to you and your event a lot of features and functionalities. It does not matter if you're planning a photobooth featured corporate event, a photobooth featured wedding or a photobooth featured roadshow. Our photobooth services are available to any kind of event and celebration.